Gastronomy is certainly one of the major reasons why thousands of guests come back to Denia every year. We prepared for you four most delicious, diverse, spectacular places to taste in Denia.


It must be the most extraordinary place of high level cuisine in Denia. The story begins when Miquel Ruiz, a well-known Michellin Star chef, reaching the top of his career in La Seu and waiting for the second star, suddenly renounced all his plans, left the restaurant and opened a bar, (el baret in valencian). Simple and small location became the second home for him, his wife and two sons. The great chef returned to his roots and started feeling the freedom and inspiration again. Since then Miquel comes to Denia’s market every morning searching for the best local seasonal products and create his masterpieces for the people who cares about food not stars.

You will always find in his basket some tomatoes, lemons, potatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and apples, he never opens the doors of the bar in August and the drink he will recommend you for aperitif is a vermouth. Come and try the character of this outstanding chef. Check its booking calender!


One of the oldest restaurants in Denia, El Pegoli opened its doors in 1943 as a bar for the local fishermen. Nowadays it stays famous for its variety of the freshest sea food and an outstanding paella “arroz a banda”, that according to the stamp WIKIPAELLA presented in the restaurant is still cooked by the traditional local recipe.  The classic place is located on the picturesque spot with a front sea view and all decorated with the photos demonstrating the long 70 years history of the restaurant and the family Pegoli. The daughters of the founder are taking care of the place and enrich the menu with the seasonal sea products, the queen of which always stays La Gamba Roja De Denia (the red schrimp). Contacts here.


It’s a new gastronomic market and a cultural space that occupies 3000 m2 and 22 market stands with restaurants, bars and cafes. The central restaurant named Les Cuinetes presents a local cuisine from the best product from the sea port and the market – fresh salads, variety of fish, cocas and traditional sweets.

Passing by the stands you will find anything you may desire, starting from the oyster bar and French bistrot and ending with a Thai food and Japanese canteen. It’s a bright, vivid and colorful place to visit where you will definitely have a great meal and drink. See more…


Three Michellin Star, the 4th best restaurant of Europe and one the TOP-100 restaurants of the world, this place is surely worthy to visit. Quique Dacosta is the most recognized and awarded Valencia chef in the history who became an ambassador of Spanish and specifically Denia cuisine worldwide.

Dacosta created the unique concept for his 3 Star restaurant, he only uses the local ingredients sourced within 75 km around his place and always surprises with the way to serve them. Strong tastes of the sea food, endless menu of wines and a stage performance with each plate turn your dinner into an unforgettable experience. Book it advance!