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A new summer kids club will be open for the July-August 2021 in Almare. The outdoor and indoor activities, master classes in foreign languages, group games, kids beach picnics, swimming classes, thematic celebrations and much more!

Our summer kids club is located in a grassed area just by the zone of the swimming pools and the kids playground. You can find the schedule of activities HERE. Subscribe your children for the whole week or just master classes and coach sessions. All the activities are based on the learning and developing process for the young guests.

We make master classes for different ages, such as reading night, dolls and robots making, cooking and tasting classes, etc. We organize plenty of events in Spanish and English.

Most of the activities take place in a private only-resident area, either its an outdoor or indoor Almare space. Nevertheless there are some activities organized on the beach in front of the building, with a permission of the parents, such as sand football, kids picnic, etc.

With Almare summer kids club your children will never be boring and remember the vacations for a long time!

Traveling as a family gives us opportunities to create fantastic and indelible memories for our children. However, on many occasions, holidays can become a real chaos if we do not plan them correctly and do not take into account the needs of children.

Rentalmare offers you these 8 tips that will help you travel with children and babies, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the experience.


Luggage restrictions… Sure you wanna pay extra to bring all the necessary things for your baby? Not enough space in the car / train? When we travel we always think about what to bring so that the little ones feel at home. Cot, meal kit, high chairs with trays, urinal, bathtub, intercative mat, changing mat, excursion baby backpack … etc.

Save time and worries to have to check and carry all these things and book them directly at Rentalmare so they are available upon arrival. Check our list of BABY ACCESSORIES.


For example, having your transfer booked in advance so that you can be on your way as soon as your flight / train arrives is a great advantage and you can do it directly from here. The driver will help you with the luggage and prepare the baby chair according to your baby’s age.

Rentalmare also has private parking with security throughout the building, if you come by car or rent one, do not hesitate to book your private parking space when making your reservation.


So that you do not have to waste a second investigating before going on vacation or during the same, we have created a list of the most recommended places to go with children or babies in the area, like play centers, public playgrounds, museums, etc. You will find them all in our article “TOP-20 places to visit with kids in Denia”.


Rentalmare offers you this list of Supermarkets closest to Rentalmare –

“Lidl” at Av. Valencia, 56, Vergel. (3 min by car / 1.1 km)

“Mas y Mas” in Av. Valencia, 46 Vergel (5 min by car / 2.6km)

Consum” in Las Marinas street (6 min by car / 5.12 km)

Consum also offers home delivery with online ordering. All the details here.

In the Ondara shopping center (11 min by car / 8.3km), El Portal de la Marina, within it you can find the Carrefour hypermarket and around it, the supermarkets Lidl and Aldi. For those who is searching for the ecological or specific dietic products we recommend Ecorganic ecomarket (nearby El Portal de la Marina) or Herbolarrio Navarro in the central street of Denia – Carrer del Marqués de Campo, 60.

To visit the local markets of fresh food is a MUST! We recommend to take a look at the central market of Denia, la fish market in the port of Denia (la Lonja de Denia), as well as street markets on Friday in Denia and on Thursday in Pego. More info in our article «Route of Markets».


Let us make it easier for you. If you usually eat or want to try natural breakfasts such as cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, we can take a prepared basket to your home. If your baby has started to try fruits and vegetables in his baby food, this option could be very useful or we also suggest the option of Bio baby food already prepared for his age, at Rentalmare we want to take care of everyone, including the smallest ones of the family.


 Babies have to be involved, looking for activities and games that they can do during their vacations that is why at Rentalmare we have the summer Kids Club organized by the chain Mandarina Garden. You can find the detailes information here.

The residential complex also includes a children’s playground area with outdoor swings, swimming pools and an indoor play area with table tennis tables for the elderly and restless and a games room with toys and books for the little ones to learn.


During family vacations, parents also need their free time, without worries, to be able to disconnect 100% and recharge their batteries.

Rentalmare also offers you professional babysitting service and in this link you can find all the information.

Rentalmare is located on the first line of the beautiful beach Les Deveses in Denia. You can find us at km 8 of the Carretera les Marines Racons to Dénia.

Rentalamare is located just halfway between Valencia and Alicante.

It can be reached by car in approximately 1 hour from Manises airport, Joaquín Sorolla Valencia train station or from Elche international airport and Renfe Alicante train station (Alicante).

For your maximum comfort we offer you the transfer service. Check the options in our Services.

The Almare residential complex is located on a virgin and kilometer-long beach in Denia, at the zero point of longitude (the Greenwich meridian), surrounded by the sea, the picturesque Segaria mountain and the towns of the Mediterranean coast.

Dénia, located less than 10 minutes by car from Almare, is a maritime city to which one of the most important ports in the area belongs. The Dénia maritime station is the departure and arrival point for ships and passengers bound for the Balearic Islands. Only in two hours Baleària will take you from Ibiza or Formentera to the port of Dénia, where you can find the main taxi rank in Denia for your arrival at Rentalmare.

The Dénia coast is one of the favorite destination for many Spanish families, as well as for many French and German families. Ryanair airlines offer international flights to Alicante from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and other cities.

From France, connections are open to Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, Beauvais and Toulouse.

If you want to spend a dream vacation, where you can wake up to the sea breeze, have breakfast with the sound of the waves in the background while observing its beautiful views.

During the day, enjoy the kilometer-long sandy and rocky beaches with the family, and / or explore the different mountain routes.

And for lunch or dinner, savor the best Mediterranean gastronomy, then Rentalmare is the ideal place for your holidays.

What makes the difference between the holidays in a hotel or in a private residence Almare?

In our residences you can have all the convenience of home and at the same time to enjoy the services of the 5* hotel! Besides the housekeeping and maintenance, concierge and babysitting services, we are always looking for the new ways to make your stay with us more relaxed and fun. So putting feet to your shoes, and willing to enjoy the home experience to the maximum we prepared several tailor-made product baskets for your different occasions.


When you made a long way or got a late flight, the best news of the morning is to have no hurry to search for the breakfast. You just have it there, in your Breakfast Bio Basket, ready to serve. You get an Organic Juice, Bio milk and coffee, Cereals, Vegan Yogurts, Whole bread Toasts, Sugar-Free Cookies, Hummus, Avocado and Fresh fruits. Please make a request for this basket and we prepare it according to your personal needs.


Travelling with babies requires a lot of planning and preparations. Let us make it easier for you. Whether your baby is on cereal diet, or starts to try softly cooked pureed fruits and veggies we can organize for you both the basket of cereals, baby water and fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare the purees or BIO already cooked options for his/her age. Feel free to contact us to prepare the basket.


Barbecue with a family and friends in a sea view terrace… this is real vacations. We will happily organize you all the needed for the best taste of your meat. The BBQ basket includes 3 types of BIO beaf meat, homemade sausages and rural chicken. It comes along with sauces, bread and potatoes. All BBQ accessories ordered apart.  Available in options for 6 or 10 persons.

Gastronomy is certainly one of the major reasons why thousands of guests come back to Denia every year. We prepared for you four most delicious, diverse, spectacular places to taste in Denia.


It must be the most extraordinary place of high level cuisine in Denia. The story begins when Miquel Ruiz, a well-known Michellin Star chef, reaching the top of his career in La Seu and waiting for the second star, suddenly renounced all his plans, left the restaurant and opened a bar, (el baret in valencian). Simple and small location became the second home for him, his wife and two sons. The great chef returned to his roots and started feeling the freedom and inspiration again. Since then Miquel comes to Denia’s market every morning searching for the best local seasonal products and create his masterpieces for the people who cares about food not stars.

You will always find in his basket some tomatoes, lemons, potatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and apples, he never opens the doors of the bar in August and the drink he will recommend you for aperitif is a vermouth. Come and try the character of this outstanding chef. Check its booking calender!


One of the oldest restaurants in Denia, El Pegoli opened its doors in 1943 as a bar for the local fishermen. Nowadays it stays famous for its variety of the freshest sea food and an outstanding paella “arroz a banda”, that according to the stamp WIKIPAELLA presented in the restaurant is still cooked by the traditional local recipe.  The classic place is located on the picturesque spot with a front sea view and all decorated with the photos demonstrating the long 70 years history of the restaurant and the family Pegoli. The daughters of the founder are taking care of the place and enrich the menu with the seasonal sea products, the queen of which always stays La Gamba Roja De Denia (the red schrimp). Contacts here.


It’s a new gastronomic market and a cultural space that occupies 3000 m2 and 22 market stands with restaurants, bars and cafes. The central restaurant named Les Cuinetes presents a local cuisine from the best product from the sea port and the market – fresh salads, variety of fish, cocas and traditional sweets.

Passing by the stands you will find anything you may desire, starting from the oyster bar and French bistrot and ending with a Thai food and Japanese canteen. It’s a bright, vivid and colorful place to visit where you will definitely have a great meal and drink. See more…


Three Michellin Star, the 4th best restaurant of Europe and one the TOP-100 restaurants of the world, this place is surely worthy to visit. Quique Dacosta is the most recognized and awarded Valencia chef in the history who became an ambassador of Spanish and specifically Denia cuisine worldwide.

Dacosta created the unique concept for his 3 Star restaurant, he only uses the local ingredients sourced within 75 km around his place and always surprises with the way to serve them. Strong tastes of the sea food, endless menu of wines and a stage performance with each plate turn your dinner into an unforgettable experience. Book it advance! 

“Easter holidays” sounds like a perfect excuse to discover the beauty of Mediterranean spring. Almond blossoms, sunny days, delicatessen from the sea and bare feet on sand…There is no better recipe escaping this spring. Need more reasons to pack now? Let’s go there!

Perfect Bicycle Season

The sea breeze in your hair and the feeling of freedom fills your soul… Take a bike and discover the coast of Denia! There is a beautiful and safe route along the coast from Almare to the port of Denia of approx. 35 min. There are also many other beautiful  inland routes such as the Via Verde.


The Best Season to Conquer the Montgo

Ready for a good hike? The Montgó Natural Park is a great place to go hiking in spring, as long as the temperature does not rise above 22 ° C. Select one of the seven routes open to tourists and enjoy the incredible views. Depending on the route, you can get a panoramic view of Denia, Jávea and on the clearest days, even of the island of Ibiza!

Fishing Weekend

Denia is known for its excellent fish and seafood. And April is a great month to go on a fishing excursion and surprise your family with an unforgettable experience of fishing for your own lunch! Dorada, tuna, sea bass, dentex, Lemon fish, little tuna, bonito… these are just some of the species that can be found in the waters of Denia.

Windsurf, Kiteboard And Stand Up Paddle

During spring vacations, you can take your first contact with water sports on Almare beach. Take a windsurfing lesson or explore the beach from a paddle surf board. Whichever you choose will be a lot of fun! Make a request for your dates.

Puro Beach Opening

This year we will enjoy the early opening of the beach club PURO BEACH, located in front of Almare residences, with access and exclusive packages for our guests.

PURO BEACH, known for its modern Mediterranean cuisine, extraordinary mixology and lounge live lounge music is WITHOUT DOUBT THE IDEAL PLACE FOR SUNNY EASTER DAYS

You can reserve a table inside the restaurant or on a terrace, as well as a Balinese bed with a bell service facing the pool with a frontal view of the sea.