What makes the difference between the holidays in a hotel or in a private residence Almare?

In our residences you can have all the convenience of home and at the same time to enjoy the services of the 5* hotel! Besides the housekeeping and maintenance, concierge and babysitting services, we are always looking for the new ways to make your stay with us more relaxed and fun. So putting feet to your shoes, and willing to enjoy the home experience to the maximum we prepared several tailor-made product baskets for your different occasions.


When you made a long way or got a late flight, the best news of the morning is to have no hurry to search for the breakfast. You just have it there, in your Breakfast Bio Basket, ready to serve. You get an Organic Juice, Bio milk and coffee, Cereals, Vegan Yogurts, Whole bread Toasts, Sugar-Free Cookies, Hummus, Avocado and Fresh fruits. Please make a request for this basket and we prepare it according to your personal needs.


Travelling with babies requires a lot of planning and preparations. Let us make it easier for you. Whether your baby is on cereal diet, or starts to try softly cooked pureed fruits and veggies we can organize for you both the basket of cereals, baby water and fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare the purees or BIO already cooked options for his/her age. Feel free to contact us to prepare the basket.


Barbecue with a family and friends in a sea view terraceā€¦ this is real vacations. We will happily organize you all the needed for the best taste of your meat. The BBQ basket includes 3 types of BIO beaf meat, homemade sausages and rural chicken. It comes along with sauces, bread and potatoes. All BBQ accessories ordered apart.  Available in options for 6 or 10 persons.